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Discover three proven strategies that will get your kids to do their chores -- without nagging!

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Chore Charts

chore charts


Chore Charts are the most important element in your chore
system. Visual aids or reminders help keep your kids on track, keep
them focused on the objective and assist in monitoring their progress.
The charts keep your kids involved as they are used on a daily basis.

Another key ingredient is to make it fun and interesting. A fun chore
chart system will keep them coming back and they enjoy the process
much more.

By getting your kids actively involved you are making it easier on
yourself. When kids are actively recognized for their efforts and
accomplishments, you will find that they like or even enjoy doing
things for themselves.

It is best to have age-appropriate charts for the different age
groups. A child in preschool won’t have fun or understand a worksheet
that is designed for a teen. For the teen, if you have a chart that
looks like it belongs to a kindergartener, you are not going to get a
whole lot of cooperation. You or the system would not be taken


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