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Discover three proven strategies that will get your kids to do their chores -- without nagging!

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Discover the secret weapon to
end the "chore wars" in
your home forever!


This step-by-step approach will show you
how to
get your children to complete
their own chores
-- without complaint

· Do you continually have to ask your kids to do their  household chores or   homework?
· Are you tired of the constant nagging and whining involved in getting
  everyday jobs accomplished?
· Do you prefer to take care of the household chores yourself rather than
  dealing with a confrontation?

...If so, it is time to take charge!

From: Randy Waite
April 07,2004

Dear Fellow Parent,

Parents today are stressed. In most households it is necessary for both parents to work in an effort to make ends meet. It can even be tougher on a single parent who must do it alone. The demands of raising kids, dealing with the family finances, as well as the various personal situations that occur with regularity can be a bit overwhelming.

With all of this going on in your life, do you really need the additional stress involved in maintaining a household?

I own an office cleaning business and my wife works for the airlines. With both of us working, managing the household was a bit stressful at times.

Not only did the everyday chores around the house need taken care of but the kids extracurricular activities created even more obstacles. You know, baseball, soccer, basketball, music.

We knew that we had to do something to
bring some order into our house.

My wife and I learned along the way that constantly nagging our kids to do the little things was not getting us anywhere. The common whining that went along with chores had to go.

You know that endless list of chores that cause the whining..

  1. Taking dirty clothes to the laundry room
  2. Putting clean clothes away
  3. Making the bed
  4. Putting dirty dishes in the sink
  5. Picking up toys
  6. Help with cleaning the kitchen and bathroom
  7. Brush teeth
  8. Do homework

... and the list goes on.

We tried various approaches, none of which worked. Through trial and error, we put together a chore worksheet system that enabled us to "conquer the chore wars".

Other chore chart systems we tried did not satisfy our need to get the household chores accomplished and, at the same time, teach our kids valuable life lessons.

We learned that chores can be a positive experience
for you and your kids with the right approach.

With our "chore worksheets for kids" system, your kids will learn the value of teamwork and to accept responsibility for their actions as well as accountability. The system gets kids involved in the process of maintaining a household and they have fun with it.

Completing tasks with regularity encourages a sense of responsibility. Your kids will learn the value of consistency.

Our system involves your kids in the development of a plan of action. Your kids develop a sense of belonging as well as a feeling of accomplishment. You will have pride in your kids rather than being frustrated with the household chores.

Our system makes it fun for the kids. The daily interaction keeps their attention and in turn, gets the chores accomplished without the hassle.

Our system works for all age groups, preschool through the teens
As your kids grow, the system grows with them.

Our chore worksheet system is designed in stages. Other systems only offer a single chart for all age groups. We offer four stages, one for each age group, that's a total of four age appropriate chore charts. No matter what the age of your child, he/she can begin using the system utilizing the age appropriate chore charts.

There is no need to be concerned about whether your child is too young or too old, we invested hundreds of hours fine tuning the system to work for kids at any age.

Other systems charge as much as $20 for a single chore chart to be used by one person, it's for all age groups and do not offer a detailed step-by-step guide. Most of them have to be ordered and then mailed to you. If you have three kids, you would pay $60 for each child to have a chart !

With our system you will receive..

- A step-by-step guide to put you on the path to success. The guide walks   you through the various steps to overcome the "chore wars".

- An outline to assist you with your action plan. With the outline you can   easily organize the household chores to be accomplished.

- Four age appropriate chore charts. Each age group has a chore chart that is designed specifically with their level of comprehension in mind. There is no limit to the number of charts you can print.

Chore Charts


Order today and we’ll include chore clip art for the age appropriate charts. Younger kids enjoy using the clip art, it makes it easier for them to see what chore needs to be accomplished. Other systems do not offer this feature!


Conquer the “Chore Wars” once and for all

Look... The fact of the matter is, the Chore Worksheet System works. It was not developed by some "know it all" company that only cares about the bottom line.

And it's certainly NOT some hard to use, complicated system, that's going to collect dust. Why can I say this? Because WE developed the system to meet OUR needs...

Just imagine how YOUR household will be when:

•  you no longer have to nag your kids...
•  the chore whining is gone...
•  the house is in order...
•  your workload has eased...

... plus MUCH more!

Here's what satisfied parents are saying...

The Chore sheet system has worked great. The pictures help my 3 year
old and my 5 year old who can’t quite read yet to know which chores
are theirs.

The incentives are a big motivator with my 7 year old. He can see a
different incentive each week. And it helps me to remember what
incentive we have chose for that week/chore.

Thanks again for the package. It has allowed me to spend more time
playing with my kids instead of me picking up the mess or fussing at
them for not. I spend a lot less time reminding them of their chores,
since they are posted on their door.


Still unsure? We are so confident you will achieve success with our system, we offer you a money back guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our system, that if you have followed the step-by-step guide and put forth the effort to succeed, you will achieve the results you desire. If, after four weeks, you have not experienced success with our system, you will receive a complete refund of your investment. All we require is your input.

I literally take ALL of the risk for you because that's how much I believe in this system.

What are you waiting for? Order right now to overcome the chore wars -- and put your household in order.

Our system is completely downloadable. You can order today and have it in your possession within minutes. We also offer a version that can be mailed to you if that’s your preference.

You get the complete system downloaded for $18.95. Order today and defeat the “chore wars”.

You don’t need the complete system? No problem...

You can download age appropriate versions for only $8.95 each! That’s less than a new toy -- and way more rewarding for you and your child!


   There are two easy ways to order...  Visa Mastercard American Express Discover


To get your complete "Chore Worksheets For Kids" System, order here





You can download age appropriate versions for only $8.95 each by choosing the age group:

Ages 3 to 6 | Ages 7 to 10 | Ages 11 to 14 | Teens




No matter how you order, you’ll receive the bonus clip art, and all of my packages are covered by my risk-free, money-back guarantee! You simply can’t lose!


chore charts

Randy Waite
Fellow Parent

P. S. Remember, it’s time to take charge, the system was designed to relieve the stress of maintaining a household. The sooner you put this proven system into place, the sooner you see positive change -- and an end to the whining! So order now, and your kids kids will be on their way to learning the value of teamwork, consistency, and develop a sense of belonging.


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